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Grace International School CS4 Programming Class (Period 4)


  • Corey Persing
  • Adrian & Jenny Oliver


To give the student an introduction to the world of programming, computers and technology from the simple 'Hello World' program through to understanding the complex client-server programming architectures, setting up web servers, project life-cycles and careers in engineering.

For those students interested in pursuing a career in Information Technology, we hope that this course will give them an high level overview of some of the fields and opportunities available in this vast (and growing) area. Weekly Schedule

  • Monday - Introduction to Programming
  • Tuesday - Introduction to Programming
  • Wednesday (Block) - Lab
  • Friday - Technology-Friday - we will be covering a number of university and post-graduate level topics as we explore modern day programming, computing and technology from how computers and the internet work through to military grade cryptography, ethics and practicalities of surveillance. and careers. Although very advanced material will be covered, the aim is to allow the student to develop an awareness of keywords and technologies such that if they ever encounter these terms in the future, they will at least have a basic understanding.

Teaching Material

We will be making use of a number of existing resources from Khan Academy and YouTube to supplement our teaching.

We will use Khan Academy videos for an introduction to programming using Java Script:

Followed by Python Programming:

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You will have access to MS Windows Desktop computers within the classroom and other computers on the school site from which you will be able to perform most of your coursework.

It would advantageous if you also had access to some form of computer outside school. The ideal would be a fairly new laptop with at least 4GB of RAM and 20GB of free space. However any computer capable to running a modern web browser is sufficient (MS Windows, Google ChromeBook, Apple Mac OSX, Linux, etc etc).

Please note that if any additional software is required for the course, that this software will only be installed on designated desktops within the classroom and no other computers on the school site. It is expected that any software required for the course will be open-source/free software, and therefore available for the student to install on their home computers (and therefore use at their own risk!)

Communicating With Each Other

We will communicate with each other through Grace Online, email, and through the Khan Academy class.


There will be a clear rubric for grading assignments. We will provide feedback and advice for assignments and it is the students prerogative to take advantage of that.

Essays "Why is it so Hard to Learn Programming?

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