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A Look Inside

Debugging a C++ program using Microsoft Visual Studio Interactive Development Environment (IDE).

We will see:

  • How to step through the program line by line.
  • The value of variables at each step.
  • The representation of variables data in computer memory.

Continue Caesar Cipher Exploration (Exercise 2.).


Continue Caesar Cipher Exploration (Exercise 2.)

Thursday (Lab)

Continue Caesar Cipher Exploration (Exercise 4.)

Test Preparation

We will be having a test on next Monday 10th Feb covering what we have learnt in the first half of the quarter.

Test Review Notes

Technology Friday

In The News

Impostors bilk Omaha's Scoular Co. out of $17.2 million

An executive with the 800-employee company wired the money in installments last summer to a bank in China after receiving emails ordering him to do so. The orders turned out to be a fraud.

Emails can easily be forged.

Another Corporate Hack - Anthem health insurance

The nation’s second-largest health insurer, formerly known as WellPoint, said hackers stole Social Security numbers, names, birthdates, email addresses, employment details, incomes and street addresses of people who are currently covered or had coverage in the past.

Useful information if you believe your data was exposed

"Health care provider information quite useful for determining who is real and who is using an alias... "

China’s Great Firewall Gets Taller

Internet Filter Makes It Harder to Circumvent Blocks to Services Like Google and Facebook

"China’s government has unveiled a smarter and stricter Internet filter, riling web users and widening the divide between China’s Internet and the World Wide Web.

A recent upgrade to China’s web filters, commonly referred to as the Great Firewall, has made it more difficult to use services called virtual private networks to circumvent the country’s blocks to U.S. services like Google and Facebook .

Chinese officials confirmed a crackdown on VPNs this week, saying that new measures were needed as the Internet evolved. In the past week, major VPN providers such as Astrill have reported disruptions to their services."

Sony Hack Analysis

Video from FCCT (Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand in Bangkok) from January 2015