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Continue Khan Academy programming using Java Script https://www.khanacademy.org/cs


Review of Hacking/Pizza/Film Party

Lots of information about tools we used on Computer Tools and Techniques page.

Extra Credit

  • Complete all videos, talk-throughs, challenges, projects and reviews to obtain the Khan Academy badge: "Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation Mastery"
  • Extra credit will be given for work on the "Extreme" extensions in Advanced JS: Games and Visualisations.
  • Extra credit will be given for excellence on "Student Programmer Profile" assignment.

Student Programmer Profile Assignment


1. Visit Khan Academy "Meet the Professional": https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/cs/meet-the-computing-professional

2. Watch the Welcome video.

3. Choose one of the Professionals and read their profile.

4. Write and submit your own profile based on the following outline:

  • Name.
  • Optional photo.
  • Describe an area of interest/hobby outside of study.
  • Which Professional did you choose and why?
  • Why did you take CS4 Programming class?
  • What did you learn in CS4 Programming?
  • How might you use what you have learned in the future?

Full credit will be given for completed assignment. Extra credit will be given for excellence.


The final will be based on concepts of object oriented programming.

In programming languages and type theory, polymorphism (from Greek πολύς, polys, "many, much" and μορφή, morphē, "form, shape") is the provision of a single interface to entities of different types.[1]

Use the flower grower program and review the code and the comments -

Polymorphism using "Flower Grower Challenge":


Programming (Required)

Advanced JS: Games and Visualisations

Complete Side-Scroller Hoppy Beaver game:


Complete Memory Game:


Complete the basic games - extra credit will be given for work on the "Extreme" extensions.

Flower Grower Exercises

Save the Flower Grower program as a spin-off and implement the 6 exercises below: https://www.khanacademy.org/cs/polymorphism-challenge-flower-grower/6304205634535424

1. Put flowers in an array and modify drawScene() and mouseClicked()

2. Define a for loop to display the flowers in drawScene()

3. Define a loop to grow the flowers in mouseClicked growing each flower by a random amount.

4. Add more flowers to the array. See how they display and grow without having to change any other code.

5. Define a new class of flower (modify the shape and or colour).

6. Use debugger.

These exercises will form part of the grade for the final.

How to Debug A Program in Khan Academy


Thursday (Lab)

Technology Friday

Life Of A Software Engineer

AI - Artificial Intelligence - 'The Problem Of The 21st Century'

James Barrat - Our Final Invention

Stephen Hawking Is Terrified Of Artificial Intelligence

AI Terms

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence - Intelligence of human kind/type in a machine
    • Available Now
    • Google Search
    • Car Navigation
    • Theorem proving
    • Chess/games
    • etc etc etc
  • AGI - Artificial General Intelligence
    • Human Level Intelligence in a machine
      • Capable of performing independent research and development
    • In development
  • ASI - Artificial Super Intelligence
    • Smarter Than Human Intelligence in a machine
    • Potential to be dangerous to humanity

No Class today - finals start!