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Continue Khan Academy programming using Java Script https://www.khanacademy.org/cs


  • Feedback on Functions Exercises

Functions Exercises Feedback

Caesar Cipher Decryption Example Code

  • Khan Academy: Objects



  • Khan Academy: Objects


Thursday (Lab)

  • Khan Academy: Objects


  • Object Oriented Design


  • Object Exercises

Object Exercises

Technology Friday

In The News

Dji Phantom flies into Volcano

[QuadCopter vs Volcano]

[What is a QuadCopter?]

2nd Tuesday of the Month - Windows Update Time

Every 2nd Tuesday of each month, Microsoft issue their latest patches and security updates.

If you have not already, upgrade your computer.

Meanwhile, an investigation into all the critical Microsoft vulnerabilities discovered in 2013 lead to the following conclusions:

  • Of the 147 vulnerabilities reported by Microsoft in 2013 with a Critical severity rating, 92% were concluded to be mitigated by removing administrator rights
  • 96% of Critical vulnerabilities affecting Windows Operating Systems could be mitigated by removing admin rights
  • 100% of all vulnerabilities affecting Internet Explorer in 2013 could be mitigated by removing admin rights

[Full report here]

This Week's DDOS

[More Than 162,000 WordPress Sites Used for Distributed Denial of Service Attack]

Full list of WordPress sites that attacked [Brian Krebs] is listed [here]. If you recognise any of these, you might like to tell them to disable comment pingback.

[To check your site to see whether it is capable of being abused, see here.]

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden made a virtual guest appearance at the South by South West (SXSW) conference this week, hosted by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

[Edward Snowden and ACLU at SXSW]

Points to watch:

  • 01:05 -> 01:30
  • 48:40 -> 51:46

Intellectual Jokes

  • A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says, "Five beers, please".
  • A chemical engineer, a mechanical engineer and a software developer are riding in a car and as they are going down a hill, the brakes fail. They keep gaining speed until finally they veer off the road and crash, barely avoiding death. The chemical engineer says, “Riding the brakes must have generated too much heat, causing the failure.” The mechanical engineer says, “No, I believe that one of the braking components broke under the stress, which caused the failure. The software engineer says, “Let’s go back to the top of the hill and try it again!”
  • Entropy isn't what it used to be
  • The programmer's wife tells him: "Run to the store and pick up a loaf of bread. If they had eggs, get a dozen." The programmer comes home with 12 loaves of bread.