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Meet the students and teachers.

A short film - "Code Stars"



Complete questionnaire at: http://gi-tha.moodle.renweb.com/mod/lesson/view.php?id=21612&pageid=126 or email to joliver@gisthailand.org

   Your Name:
   Have you experience of the following?
       Microsoft Windows
       Apple OS X
       Other? (please specify)
   What programming languages have you used before?
       Other? (please specify)
   Do you have access to a computer/laptop at home?  If so, which?
       MS Windows Laptop
       MS Windows Desktop
       Apple Mac Desktop (e.g. iMac)
       Apple Mac Laptop (e.g. MacBook)
       Other? (please specify)
   Do you have Internet access at home?
   What is your interest in taking this programming course?
   Are there any particular topics you would like to see covered in this course?


Programming from Scratch: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tip_bar=getStarted (Create a Scratch Login)

See other's projects:


Review Scratch - Blocks http://wiki.scratch.mit.edu/wiki/Blocks

Lab Project

Create your own game using Scratch.

Look at existing projects for ideas.

Here are some example instructions: http://www.simonhaughton.co.uk/2013/02/scratch-20-resources-and-planning.html

Document your project on the Lab review form.

Barmy Break!

Binary Bob!

Review Scratch - Computational Thinking http://web.media.mit.edu/~kbrennan/files/Brennan_Resnick_AERA2012_CT.pdf

Friday - TechnologyFriday

This Week's News

This weeks hot revelation is the availability of the USA's NSA's catalog of toolkits available to them - both software and hardware toys. My favourites: 'CottonMouth' series and 'AngryNeighbor' family of products...

NSA had (2008) worked on software that would allow it to remotely retrieve virtually all the information on an iPhone including text messages, photos, contacts, location, voice mail and live calls. Steve Gibson SN436.

How does the internet work?

Videos to watch

Worksheet Week 1

Q1 - What is the Internet?

Q2 - What is the WWW?

Q3 - What is an URL?

Q4 - What is a DNS?

Q5 - What is HTTP?

Q6 - What is HTML?

Q7 - What is TCP?

Q8 - What does WiFi standard for?

Q9 - What is a Bit?

Q10 - What is a Byte?

Q11 - What is Time Sharing?

Q12 - What is Packet Switching?

Q13 - What does ISO stand for?

Q14 - What does OSI stand for?

Additional Videos (optional if you want to know more)