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Welcome back to the final 6 weeks of CS4 Programming.


Coursera final exam.


We are going to commence on an introduction to Object Oriented Programming.

But first we need to complete the following:

  • Visit this link in order to complete your Khan Academy "Intro to Programming JS" badge.


  • Khan Academy: Objects


  • Object Oriented Design


  • Object Exercises

Object Exercises

Wednesday (Lab)

Continue above.

  • Project: Rock-Paper-Scissors


Object Oriented Programming

Technology Friday

Recent Events

Microsoft Web Server (IIS) Exploit

"The security bug (CVE-2015-1635) allows attackers to knock web servers offline by sending a simple HTTP request. Microsoft fixed this denial-of-service vulnerability on Tuesday with a patch numbered MS15-034.

However, within hours of the update going live, people reverse engineered the new code to find out where the hole is and how to exploit it, and have started sending out the pings of death.

The problem stems from HTTP.sys not safely handling the Range header in a HTTP request; this mechanism is used to fetch part of a file from a server, which is sometimes handy for resuming downloads. If you set the range way too large, it causes the Windows kernel to crash." - extract from The Register

Details here, here and here

Exploits - DNS Rebinding

Unwritten Laws Of Engineering